I will do my best to describe what I remember of these events, but many things happened in these months that I do not have words for – Martimus :

Upon stepping into The Dream I lost my physical form and became something ‘more’. The closest thing I could compare it to, is from my time as the Alpha of the Bear Aspect when for a brief moment I shared an experience with all the the bears in Ravenholt, and could see through their eyes, and feel what they feel. It was like that, but so much more. I became wiser, I became stronger and I became vast.

It was both incredibly enlightening and horribly frustrating. There were few times I could act directly on the world of men. When I say that I ‘saw’ things; that is not quite accurate. It was more like I became aware of perceiving things. I saw so many things that I would have acted on if I were a man.

I saw a woman starving, exhausted, about to collapse and struggling to support her children as her husband was lost in the blizzard, and I was able to ‘reach’ out with a part of my being in a way that I do not have words for, and I was able to remind her of the strength of the bear, and she found the will to keep going and she and her family lived through the winter.

I saw a hungry man tempted to horde what food he had, while his neighbors starved, and I was able to inspire him with gentleness of the mother bear, and he shared his food so that they all lived through the winter.

There were thousands and thousands of things I ‘saw’ and I was able to help in some small way that may not have even been noticed in the world of men. The Bear Nation had a tough winter.

I spent my nights in the nightmares of Volta. There was starving, there was the eating of things that are forbidden, there were red eyes in the shadows and teeth in the wind.

I was also aware of things moving through The Dream. I became aware of something coming from the north, it was like a totem, but it was not. It was ancient and smelled of old magics. I tried to move against it, but I was nothing compared to it. The Wendigo was ancient and far more powerful than me. It knew that I was the Bear, and I became aware that we were ancient enemies. It may have ended me there, but then we both heard the call of the Champion, and we were compelled to answer his call. I could feel many things all moving through The Dream together, moving to Unity.