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Howling FuryEdit

The full moon is coming and the residents of the Ulfwood can feel it in their blood.
There is a story in the Ulfwood, a fable that in the light of day none truly believe. It says that the Ravener, the first werewolf, was consumed by a great hunger. It killed and hunted all living things, but still its hunger was not sated. It turned its eyes to the sky, to the moon that was the heart of the world, and the Ravener hunted. Each night it stalked the moon, until finally, the sky was dark. Sated, the Ravener slept, its belly full, dreaming of the hunt.
While it slumbered, the moon grew again, like a great fruit in the sky. As it neared its full growth, the Ravener woke, its hunger grown to an all-consuming rage. On the day the moon was at its fullest, the Ravener hunted again.
On each full moon since, the Ravener has looked at the sky, filled with hunger. On each full moon since, the Ravener hunts.
Trouble has come to the Ulfwood. The residents there find themselves besieged. They say that deathknights hunt the woods at night, killing any unlucky enough to cross their paths. Packs of werewolves war with each other under the light of each full moon. The werebears, a line of nature’s protectors stretching back generations, find themselves hunted by a black, insane shadow with a glowing crystal sword.
Paths have been made open to you, the heroes of Volta, empowered by the Counsel that rules the Ulfwood. Packs of wolves and men stand at each open way, ready to guide you through.
In the Ulfwood, the Counsel waits, desperate for aid. The werebears create what refuge they can, desperate that their line not be broken. The men and women there look desperately to the south, cut off from all support by the forces of Redpath, and silently beg for aid.
And as the full moon rises, the Ravener hunts, and the question hangs in the air,
Are you hunter? Or are you prey?

Progress MadeEdit

The Champion, The Mountain, Chief Gertrude takes the mountain pass needed to allow the last of the Wolf Nation's non-combatants to flee from north. This ends the need for deception with the Wolf Nation and now they can openly fight on our side.

New Problems

As Chief Bron and his men held the pass that Chief Gertrude took, they needed to call upon their Totem, but their totem was not strong enough to properly answer their call, and when they all died their spirits became lost upon The Dream.

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